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Al Welding Agent
Al Welding Agent

Al Welding Agent

  Thermite flux (also known as exothermic welding) is a meth ......



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  Thermite flux (also known as exothermic welding) is a method that uses the superheated molten metal produced by the exothermic reaction between metal oxides and metal aluminium to heat the metal and achieve bonding.

  Exothermic welding was initiated at the end of the 19th century, when H. Goldschmidt discovered that the exothermic reaction of aluminium powder and metal oxide could be initiated by external heat source, and once the reaction was self-sustaining, the general formula of this reaction was as follows:

  Metal oxides + aluminium powder alumina + metal + heat energy

  Exothermic fusion welding can weld pure copper, brass, bronze, copper, copper clad steel, pure iron, stainless steel, forged iron, galvanized steel, cast iron and so on.

  (1) The current cut-off of the welding joint is equal to that of the conductor.

  (2) The welding joint is permanent and will not cause high resistance due to loosening or corrosion.

  (3) Welding joints are as tough as copper, and are not affected by corrosive products.

  (4) Welding joints can withstand repeated large surge (fault) currents without degradation;

  (5) The welding operation method is simple and easy to use.

  (6) The equipment is portable and easy to carry.

  (7) When welding, no external power or heat source is needed;

  (8) The quality of welding can be checked from the appearance.

  It can be used for welding copper, copper alloy, copper plated steel, various alloy steels including stainless steel and high resistance heating heat source materials.


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