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Cathodic Protection Detection
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Test Pile
Test Pile

Test Pile

  Product description:  The test pile is used to measure the ......



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  Product description:

  The test pile is used to measure the parameters of cathodic protection. It is used to measure the cathodic protection potential, current, grounding resistance of the main distribution points of the cathodic protection system, the electrical insulation performance of the insulation device, and the operation status of the anode. The device is equipped with six connection posts, which can conveniently compose potential, current, sacrificial anode, insulation performance test pile or cross pipeline test pile according to the specific requirements of the design unit. The test pile is composed of pile body, test wiring board, test wire and nameplate. The improved test pile has better anti-corrosion and anti-ultraviolet aging performance by using Xiali automobile outer coating spraying paint.

  Classification of test piles:

  According to material classification: steel test pile, cement test pile, plastic test pile, FRP test pile. Steel test piles are divided into carbon steel test piles and stainless steel test piles.

  Classified by function:

  Potential test pile: mainly used to detect protective potential

  Current Test Pile: Measuring Current in Tube

  Protective Effect Test Pile: Connecting Test Pieces

  Sacrifice Anode Test Pile: Used to connect sacrificial anode and measure performance parameters of sacrificial anode



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