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Cathodic Protection Detection
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Shallow Buried Anode
Shallow Buried Anode

Shallow Buried Anode

  Scope of application  It is used in external current catho ......



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  Scope of application

  It is used in external current cathodic protection system.

  main performance

  The utility model has the advantages of long service life, convenient installation, small grounding resistance and large discharge capacity.

  Product Brief

  Deep well anode is assembled by high silicon cast iron anode or noble metal oxide anode. The product has the advantages of long service life, easy installation, low grounding resistance and large discharge. The successful development of the anode greatly shortened the construction period of the project, and effectively guaranteed the construction quality of the deep well anode ground bed, the key part of the cathodic protection system. It is an ideal cathodic protection material for areas with high soil resistivity.

  Product characteristics

  (1) Deep parallel anode is an applied current cathodic protection technology which is developed to meet the needs of deep well protection in the circle.

  (2) Deep well anode refers to the anode ground bed at the top of the anode body (> 15m from the ground), which is relative to shallow buried anode.

  (3) Deep well anode is suitable for cathodic protection of buried metal structures in large-scale long-distance pipelines, urban pipeline networks, hydropower projects and areas with high surface soil resistivity. It is one of the main technologies for long-distance pipelines, urban pipeline networks and regional protection.

  (4) The influence of deep well anode on the structure of unprotected underground steel is very small, the investment is small and the topography is not affected.

  (5) Small grounding resistance, small interference, energy-saving and explosion-proof, no excavation along the line.

  (6) Good protection effect, large output current, uniform current distribution, long protection distance and long service life.



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