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Magnesium Alloy Sacrificial Anode
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Sacrificial Anode Of Commonly Used Magnesium Alloys
Sacrificial Anode Of Commonly Used Magnesium Alloys

Sacrificial Anode Of Commonly Used Magnesium Alloys

  Executive standard  Mg alloy sacrificial anode GB/T17731-2 ......



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  Executive standard

  Mg alloy sacrificial anode GB/T17731-2008

  SY/T0019-97 buried steel pipes comply with design specifications for sacrificial anode cathodic protection

  main performance

  It is an ideal anode material with high potential and large electricity generation per unit mass.

  Scope of application

  It is suitable for commercial protection of oil, gas, water supply and drainage pipelines, reservoir gates and buried pipelines in freshwater.

  Product characteristics

  Magnesium alloys produced by our company are made of high quality raw materials. The anode potential is negative and the electricity generated per unit mass is large. It is an ideal anode material for cattle. It is suitable for cathodic protection of metal structures in soil, fresh water and seawater, such as oil and gas pipelines, tanks, water exchangers, condensers and so on.

  American alloy sacrificial anode is manufactured according to GB/T 17731-2004 "Money alloy sacrificial anode". The anode used in pipeline also conforms to SY/T 0019-97 "Design Code for sacrificial anode protection of buried steel pipeline".

  The product has the following characteristics: (1) low specific gravity, negative potential, (2) high driving voltage for iron, low current efficiency, (3) special application in high resistivity media.

  Notes for the use of dimple magnesium anode when the resistance is greater than 1000 65

  (1) Avoid collision with steel complex.

  (2) When it is used in soil, it should be buried in low humid areas.

  (3) When used in soil, the anode must be buried in the filling bag.

  (4) After the anode is put into the pit in the dry soil area, the filling material should be fully permeated with water before it can be backfilled, so as to prevent the anode from conducting sufficiently.



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