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Magnesium Alloy Sacrificial Anode
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Magnesium Ribbon Sacrificial Anode
Magnesium Ribbon Sacrificial Anode

Magnesium Ribbon Sacrificial Anode

  Executive standard  GB/T17731-2008 Magnesium Alloy Sacrifi ......



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  Executive standard

  GB/T17731-2008 Magnesium Alloy Sacrifice Anode

  SY/T0019-97 Code for Design of Anode Protection for Sacrificial Anodes of Buried Steel Pipes

  main performance

  The strip anode has flat shape, adjustable length, easy bending, good anti-corrosion performance, no need for external DC power supply, white operation after installation, no need for maintenance, less floor area, low engineering cost and no interference with the external environment. Applicability of magnesium ribbon sacrificial anode

  For high resistivity environment, pipeline protection in casing, temporary building protection of pipeline, protection of storage tank and pipeline network, grounding grid of anti-strong electric trunk system, etc.

  Product characteristics

  Magnesium strip sacrificial anode is produced by using high-quality and high-purity magnesium. The product conforms to ASTM97-98, GB/T17731-2004 Magnesium Alloy sacrificial anode, SY/T0019-97 Design Specification for Cathodic Protection of Buried Steel Pipeline Sacrifical Anode. It is extruded by special process. The anode has excellent electrochemical performance. The shape of the strip anode is flat, the length can be adjusted, and it is easy to bend. The extruded magnesium strip anode has a larger area-mass ratio, so it can generate more current than the conventional cast anode. These characteristics can make it have unique application in cathodic protection engineering, especially in long-distance pipeline, pipeline crossing, large storage pipeline, pipeline crossing section, large storage super-bottom, grounding grid for lightning protection and short-term anode in composite anode.

  Magnesium belts are mainly used for protecting fish, oil tanks or other steel structures in high resistivity electrolytes, narrow construction space, high resistivity soil, fresh water and other media.



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