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Hu Shixin: Let Cathodic Protection Technology Create More Wealth for Our Country

發布時間:2018-12-30 09:57:29 文章來源:axmhj 點擊次數:1156次

  Hu Shixin is an expert on cathodic protection of pipelines in China, a member of the Advisory Expert Committee of PetroChina Pipeline Administration, and a member of the Expert Group of the Strategic Research Consultative Project on Material Life Extension and Sustainable Development of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. He has presided over the design and construction of cathodic protection for Luning, Qiongshen, Renjing, Kebi multiple lines, Beijing chemical oxygen, nitrogen and ethylene pipeline, Shanghai Baosteel diversion pipeline, West-East Gas Pipeline, Sudan, Libya, Kazakhstan-China Oil Pipeline and PCCP in Beijing Section of South-to-North Water Transfer Middle Line.

  Forty years of hard work, cathodic protection design has yielded fruitful results. Under the opportunity of reform and opening up, Mr. Hu presided over and participated in many major projects related to the strategic development of the country. In each project, he always maintained the spirit of actively pioneering, exploring and innovating. For example, in the major project of West-East Gas Transmission Project, he undertook and completed the scientific research task of drag-reducing internal coating technology, filled the gap in China, and put me in the position. The technological level of China's gas pipelines has advanced a great step, saving the country 1 billion yuan in investment and making outstanding contributions to the development of China's pipeline industry.

  Mr. Hu has won many provincial and ministerial awards for scientific and technological achievements from the Ministry of Petroleum (CNPC), the Ministry of Railways, Yunnan Province, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In 1995, he was awarded the first batch of cross-century academic leaders by CNPC, and in 2002, he was awarded the title of Excellent Survey Designer by CNPC. His scientific research deeds have been included in the Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese Scientists and Inventors and Dictionary of Chinese Scientific and Technological Talents. Such an excellent scientific researcher engaged in pipeline cathodic protection design is still enthusiastically involved in the research projects of HVDC's influence on pipeline interference and protection. His purpose is to make the cathodic protection technology the country. Create more wealth!

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