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Using cathodic protection principle to solve the problem of anti-corrosion of metal components has broad prospects.

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  Using cathodic protection principle to solve the problem of anti-corrosion of metal components has broad prospects.

  The cathodic protection of reinforced concrete water supply pipe is a construction technology to protect the reinforced concrete pipe installed in corrosive areas from corrosion. Cathodic protection of reinforced concrete water pipelines has been widely used in the world, but it is seldom seen in our country, probably because most of our country is located in arid or semi-arid areas, the groundwater level is deep, the phenomenon of soil salinization is not very serious, and the current pipeline water transmission project is not universal. However, in the long run, due to the unbalanced distribution of water resources in China, the state has begun to implement the plan of diverting water from rivers in rich water areas to rivers in arid areas. In order to develop water-saving irrigation in agriculture, water pipeline, sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation will become the direction of agricultural development. However, it is inevitable for water pipelines to cross rivers, rivers, marshes and saline-alkali soil areas. In harmful geological areas, the implementation of cathodic protection for water-conveying concrete pipelines will have a considerable development.

  The so-called cathodic protection is to select two kinds of metals with large potential difference in the same electrolyte, to pass electrons of metals with larger negative electricity through wires, to attract electrons on metals with higher positive electricity, so that they can produce corrosion resistance and thus be protected. Thus, the metal structure that loses electrons is called anode, and the metal structure that gains electrons is called cathodic protection.

  In order to reduce the potential difference between iron and electrolyte, a negative metal can be introduced into the same medium and connected with iron to form a circuit, so that iron can be protected and the metal with higher negative electricity can be corroded.

  In order for each pipe to be protected, the shunt cable must be connected with the steel mesh of each pipe (in general, the cathodic protection pipe has reserved terminal posts). Two points must be paid attention to when connecting: first, shunt cables can not be disconnected in the protection section; to maintain the continuity of shunt cables, the connection posts of each pipe can only be connected in parallel on shunt cables; second, shunt cables should be insulated from dielectric. In order to avoid excessive current in shunt cables and to ensure good protection of the whole pipeline, it is necessary to divide the protection into sections. The length of the segment is designed according to the resistivity of the soil in the protected area and the diameter of the pipe is too small. The shunt cable is connected to the terminal on the side of the regulating terminal.

  In addition, metal structures are not uncommon in China's water conservancy projects, especially the corrosion prevention of underwater metal components has not been effectively solved. It has broad prospects to solve the problem of anti-corrosion of metal components by using the principle of cathodic protection. The anti-corrosion method of cathodic protection has the advantage of long-term anti-corrosion. Even if the magnesium anode is replaced regularly, there is not much complicated process. It is easy to operate and has high transparency. As long as the current intensity, voltage resistance of the circuit and the loss of the magnesium anode are measured, the corrosion of the metal components can be found. Avoiding the technical and construction problems caused by underwater anti-corrosion operation, and also avoiding the loss caused by the metal component protection layer falling off and the need to shut down the water supply and repair. Therefore, the anti-corrosion of cathodic protection is a simple and effective way of anti-corrosion. Its popularization and application is only a matter of time.

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